The Aces Tennis League is the first private tennis league in South Africa for individual tennis players, with leagues launched in August of 2015 at Parklands Estate in Boksburg. Based in Benoni from March 2016, ACES will launch its Junior Leagues from April 2016 in conjunction with it’s open Senior divisions. Including an entry division where new or social players can learn the game as they play.

The idea behind the ATL is to revive the interest in tennis in South Africa by allowing players to compete without having to commit to clubs & affiliations or wait for tennis tournaments. Leagues will allow players to play against players of similar skill levels on a weekly basis.
Matches will be played in accordance with standard tennis scoring in a Best of 3 sets format. The 1st 2 sets will be standard sets with the 3rd set being a Super Tie-Break to 13 points.

The leagues run on a weekly basis with players in each division playing each other in a round-robin format. Once all the games are completed the top 4 players from each division who have completed the designated number of recorded matches (Minimum 4 matches per season) will play in a knock-out “Finals Day” with a semi-final & final to decide final placing.

The finals day will be set out to be a day filled with live entertainment and atmosphere to promote not only the league but the players who have participated.

The ATL website allows players to go and see statistics from matches. The Idea is to allow players to monitor their performances and stand chances of winning prizes not only at the end of the season but spot-prizes during the season as well.
In addition the ATL will look to add a channel on You Tube, dedicated to showing highlights, skills and events to not only the players but the general public.

All rules are available on request to the owners of the league as well as being available at the results/sign in station on match days. All decisions made regarding results and fixtures are final once match days commence and are under taken under the discretion of the owners/managers.

The right of admission to the league is reserved to the owners as being a private league.